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Now this place is something else. I love places that are full of the weird and wonderful but this takes the biscuit, chews it up and spits it back at you. Described as an ‘Alcatraz of the forest’ its not for the faint hearted.

The kid in the stripey pyjamas has got nothing on this place as they’ve got a number of original holocaust uniforms and various items of nazi memorabilia. Its a horrible story to be told but history is history and all we can do is learn from it. The only item that really shocked me was a very gruesome lamp. Its the second picture in.

Its made entirely from the skin of a soldiers back. When Andy ( the owner and all round top bloke, thanks for the brew ) told me the story, I found it hard to believe let alone stomach but there is evidence that points in the right ( or wrong to be more specific ) direction. Find out more here.
As one progresses through Little Dean and the magnificent and macabre come together, you frequently get lost in what is fact and what is fiction. The ‘Crime through Time’ are is a riveting insight into the minds of some of the worlds biggest loons. I never thought I’d see Fred Wests bucket and mortar, let alone Rose West’s corset!

Errr what a thought. There’s the usual suspects on the wall like the Krays and various Mafioso types. Interestingly though, Andy is one of very few men that Bronson will see whilst in chokey and you can see some original Bronson artwork on the walls too.

Also at Little Dean Jail is the Quadrophenia collection.  I consider it an honour to be one of very few that have got to sit on the very scooter that Sting rode in the movie so thanks again to Andy for being such a gent. As they say, we won’t get fooled again. You have to go and see it all for yourself and its a bloody marvellous place.


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