If like me you do like weapons but not in a ‘lets go crazy kill things’ type way, then air rifles, pistols and catapults offer up competition based japery pa excellence. A couple of weekends ago we were messing around with one such shooter and as it was ‘the lads’, the competition and egos got bigger and better. We moved from normal targets down to things smaller and smaller until at one point I whacked a one pence piece at 73ft. This spawned the 100 footers club.

Now those that attend Bisley and the like will no doubt scoff and hoot that it isn’t the most difficult shot in the world. Fair enough but it was very windy… Anyhoo the stakes were raised and we dressed back to the firing point. The game was now well and truly on. It went like this. You could have as many shots as you liked ( if you’re really crap ) but you had to hit a 5 pence piece from 100 ft.

Five pence at 100ft - game on!

And that was the deal. Use any fire position you wanted, its in your hands. There was a bit of wind and although the rifle was very well zeroed, it was a tricky shot. Scores on the doors so far.

Ian – 2 shots until hit

Ricardo – 3 shots until hit

Andrew – 16 shots until hit

Now to be fair Andrew hasn’t any military service under his belt and Richy was helped with spotting binos. Nonetheless, its worth pointing out that Richy did it in 3 and I did it in 2. That really has to be reiterated as its incredibly important. We are due for another shoot off in June so I’ll let you know the results. Feel free to have a pop and let me know your results.