Speeding on Fishbourne Lane

With residents constantly complaining of excessive speed, no action has been taken. Despite promises.
If you walk down Fishbourne Lane, you’ll see no less than eight signs that say, ‘Slow Down for Squirrels’. Furry friends or not, the residents have them up for a reason.


As I have said with the issues in Binstead, often there are cries of ‘this road is too fast’ or ‘it needs speed cameras’ and when it comes down to it, they sadly are unjustified. Sometimes road speed perception and physical speed don’t marry up. 

On Fishbourne Lane, the residents are spot on. 

We all want a safe place to bring up our little ones, for other residents to walk safely and for everyone in the Ward to know that motorists respect our safety. Throughout February and I wanted to see for myself, whether these observations hold any water. The evidence speaks for itself.

A Disclaimer

My mission was not to identify or chastise individuals abusing the speed limit. It was simply to establish whether the concerns are justified. I’m not the ‘speed Police’, nor am I a heavy handed ‘enforcer’.

Giving it welly to the ferry

Having read about issues on the Fishbourne and Parish Council website and hearing it first hand from friends, once again, I donned my waterproof and armed with a Police approved speed recording device, I set out to record some data to see if merited further investigation. Shock horror, it does.

The Results on Fishbourne Lane

The official speed limit of Fishbourne Lane is: 30mph

Lowest speed Recorded: 33mph

Highest speed recored:  40mph

Average speed of Fishbourne Lane: 36mph

For information of how it was recorded and with what piece of equipment, please click here or scroll down. Even with this meagre ‘snapshot’, it’s demonstrated that an extra 12mph on our road is the norm. Kite Hill, sadly is even worse and although its been flagged up plenty of times before, neither areas have been properly assessed and persistently put on the back burner. Time for change.