Key player support for Ian Dore

Many agree that for Binstead and Fishbourne, I’m the best candidate. Not my words, the words of these lovely people below. One of my selling points I think is that I appeal, broadly to all. I’ve made it clear to all that I meet and on my literature that its People and the Parish that come first. Then you can also get stuck in, working with other like minded Councillors, dealing with the Island issues that need resolving.

However that doest mean you need to take a political skew on any of these, they should be approached impartiality and with empathy. There is no need for division and it solves nothing. What is vital is getting focused, energetic individuals round a table to hammer out the problems facing us all.

I am truly thankful for the support from all of these individuals and frankly, I think its speaks volumes of the approach being taken. We all live here, we all have to work together for the betterment of our local communities and the Island as a whole.

Ivor especially was and still is a massive, positive driving force in Binstead and Fishbourne and through his hard work and tenacity, got a lot done. If you wanted a benchmark to aspire to, you’d be hard pushed to find someone as diligent and professional. To have support from Ivor, for me is truly humbling. If there was ever a real chance to snatch the seat back from the Blues, this is it.

Ivor Warlow

Former Independent Councillor for Binstead and Fishbourne

I am very happy to endorse Ian Dore as the ‘Independent’ candidate for Binstead & Fishbourne. Ian has a genuine interest to serve and deal not only with local issues but also the challenges facing our Island.

Being a well established family man and long standing local resident he is the ideal candidate to represent our Ward.

ivor warlow supports ian dore for Binstead and Fishbourne

Vix Lowthion

Chair of the IoW Green Party

I know that Ian Dore will be an outstanding councillor for all the residents of Binstead and Fishbourne. The first time you meet him you know that this is a man who is going to roll his sleeves up and Get Things Done – and then some!

Ian is fearless in ensuring that the local community are put first whether that is to improve facilities for young families, to ensure that older people are looked after or to protect our Island wildlife. He always goes that extra mile because he takes a real pride in everything he does – and wants the best for all the residents of the Isle of Wight.

In these local elections it is vital that we put People before Politics. Ian and I share that vision for the Island. He is fiercely independent, resolutely determined and wonderfully bold. In Binstead and Fishbourne there is no better choice on the ballot paper. Vote Dore!

vix lowthion supports ian dore for binstead and fishbourne

Richard Quigley

Chair of the IoW Labour Party

Ian is someone you can trust to do the right thing with an Independent mind. Honest, selfless and energetic in his approach but crucially open to all opinion and thoughts. Dedicated and focused on family, friends and those he grew up with, in the Village that he loves.

A huge asset to any community and I hope local residents see that he IS the strongest candidate for Binstead and Fishbourne. He has my personal support.

richard quigley supports ian dore for binstead and fishbourne

John Kilpatrick

Outgoing Conservative Councillor for Binstead Fishbourne

Ian is someone that is not afraid to stand up and be counted, whilst supporting the community they love. Free from any party or association; whip or influence. Free to work with the community as opposed to dictating to the community,

I believe the people of Binstead and Fishbourne will be served better by an Independent candidate, one that is Local and Vocal; standing shoulder to shoulder with other members of the community.

As an Independent Councillor, Ian Dore would represent Binstead and Fishbourne in a manner that is befitting to the residents and the community. He is the only candidate that has my support.