Exit Eastbourne, Bonjour Bath FM

After the headhunting whilst in Eastbourne at Sovereign Radio doing brekky there, the game was afoot. You can read all about that in the Sovereign Radio posts that I have yet to write but today, this is the first week at Bath FM. It’s in Bath you know.

I had passed the first and second interviews ( weird when they want you ) and having visited Bath FM twice, January couldn’t come around quick enough.

So for the first two weeks I was ‘shadowing’ the current breakfast show host, Roger Noble. He was on air with Poonam Bahal. Roger had been ‘caretaking’ the show for a while and Poonam was moving on to bigger things in the world of journalism. Check out the BBC by the way.

Having listened online, one could see where one could make a few adjustments. Gags about looking at the window and shaking the blinds for wind and weather weren’t my bag. Anyhoozer once I was in the chair before creating an all singing all dancing show with Programme Controller Steve Collins, I went about taking some very important photos of myself and Marnie buggering about.

Marnie was a regular on the show until an incident involving the word ‘twat’. That was followed by ‘twatted’ and then a full on ‘f**king twat’. That dear friend is way down the line and looking back it was mildly amusing but for her, an on air career killer. All you need to know for now, is that in January of 2007, I joined a bunch of lovable rogues at a fantastic station which turned out to be the most fun in radio I have ever had.