Thoughts on Improving Binstead


I did things differentlyI took a different approach in the early stages of this Campaign. I chose to listen instead of lecture. I steered clear of pledging and promising, favouring resident feedback, observation; comment and conversation before putting all my thoughts on paper. I’ve coupled this with thoughts of my own.

A quick pointer, these are my views mixed in with the observations from local residents. With anything like this, it’s fluid and as you glean more information, so views and opinion can change.

 Speeding and Dog Fouling which I have been working on since October 2020 are covered, in other posts. You can also see some of the feedback and photosets on the Facebook Page for Binstead and Fishbourne.

The Rec 

Or Binstead Rest Gardens to give it the official title.

 Ever since I have been able to crawl across the grass, the same swings have been up in the Rec. We’ve seen a few things come and go and a Basketball court pops up that is literally only suitable for one person!

Apparatus simply appeared to ‘pop up’ as the magic play park provider came one night, installing things willy nilly. The issue is, there was no consultation with residents and money was spent on things that could perhaps have been better.

If you take Wootton Park as an example, it’s an Island of Adventures with a multitude of cool and exciting things to interact with. Binstead got a plastic, turning thingy, that twists your ankle as you fall off. Rubbish.

The 2011 Census revealed that in our Ward we had 574 individuals from the age of zero up to nineteen. I really do think that we could provide something better for outdoor enjoyment, than the mediocre leftovers which sit in the Rec.

So its high time to look at regenerating our play area and creating something that truly is inspiring and fun for the youngsters. Its one of my quests if I get into office. Find a money pot, build it and they will come.

A Memorial Stone and Bench

We have a decent amount of ex service personnel in the Ward and those that support the forces community. We are very fortunate to have a fine Memorial at the top of Binstead Hill. This place of remembrance and respect could be slightly improved upon I believe, by adding two things.
Firstly an additional stone to remember those that have fallen in more recent conflicts. The Falklands, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan as examples. Secondly, there is space to put in a Remembrance Bench. 

The sun sets beautifully over the Memorial and to literally, sit there and remember the fallen as the sun goes down, I feel would be a very moving experience.

The Binstead Soapbox Challenge

Straight from my ‘lunacy’ department, this is something that could become a landmark event for the Village and surrounding areas. Ignore the logistics for now, just focus on what could be.
Teams of youngsters and young at heart, all competing for the best time down Binstead Hill with their home built Soapbox vehicle. If you haven’t seen one of these events, set you phaser to fun! Its amazing to participate in and has a host of bi products attached to it.
Aside from the silliness of the actual ‘run’. It promotes team building, engineering, good spirit, maths and a whole bunch of wholesome things. In short, it’s something that fosters Community Spirit and provides an outlet of fun for all concerned. Think the Ryde Slide but with Soapbox shenanigans. This dovetails nicely into the next thought.

The Binstead Summer Fete

This was always a calendar must and I remember it very fondly whilst growing up. Over the years it has taken place in one shape or form but could do with some rejuvenation to make it as best as it can be. This is where the Community really comes together putting out their own stalls, coupled with some traditional stands and other local interaction.

I would love to work on something like this and will help any group or association that is interested in coming forward, to relight the fire of what was a cracking Fete. Something that we can be proud of and other communities can only Aspire too. A positive production for the Parish.


Perhaps like me you push a pushchair or on occasion a wheelchair. Its been my observation that we are a little light on the drop kerb side of things. At the bottom of Binstead Hill, its tricky to get across and outside The Farriers the same.
Now this encroaching in Speed Reduction territory but I don’t think it unreasonable to glean residents thoughts on this with a view to looking at getting any issues squared away.

Day to Day chasing of Authorities

As a Ward Councillor one of your roles is to pursue the concerns of the residents you live with. There is resurfacing that needs doing on Parkway as example. Kelly and her family on Newnham Roads have speeding and ‘blind spot’ concerns.

 Day to day things that are as important to the individual as any other issue that another may have. My pledge is to pursue and support.

Social Surgeries 

Chatting and communication is vital to resident feedback, passing it up to the chain of command, then following it and chasing it up! I’ll hold regular surgeries where we can catch up, and review any issues they’re maybe.
You shouldn’t be restricted in your thinking as you are only limiting the possibilities. Play Parks are expensive but not totally out of reach.

Any other ideas then please, I’m all ears but I wanted to reassure you that the cogs spinning and the monkey banging the cymbals in my head, occasionally produce Golden Nuggets of Community Goodness.

See, it doesn’t have to all be bin emptying… 🙂

As I said, these are my thoughts although they square with some residents I have spoken to. If you have any observations or opinions, please do let me know and drop me a line.