The average speed on Binstead Hill is currently 42mph. If hit by a car, you have a 90% chance of being killed*.

Through my own observations over the years and through other residents, here in Binstead there is a belief that there is a speeding issue. On Binstead Hill it is rife. Often there are cries of ‘this road is too fast’ but when it comes down to it, they sadly are unjustified. Sometimes road speed perception and physical speed don’t marry up.

In the case of Binstead Hill, residents are spot on. 

We all want a safe place to bring up our little ones, for other residents to walk safely and for everyone in Binstead and surrounding areas to know that motorists respect our safety. Throughout February and I wanted to see for myself, whether these observations held any water. The evidence speaks for itself.

A Disclaimer

My mission was not to identify or chastise individuals abusing the speed limit. It was simply to establish whether the concerns are justified. I’m not the ‘speed Police’, nor am I a heavy handed ‘enforcer’. I’m a Father that had some idiot scream across the pedestrian crossing, when the light was red as I was pushing my 4 month year old daughter! When there are observations raised from other residents instead of pressing the Nuke button and buying speed cameras, an assessment is required to determine the best course of action.

The Results on Binstead Hill

The official speed limit of Binstead Hill: 30mph

Lowest speed Recorded: 32mph

Highest speed recored:  70mph

Average speed of Binstead Hill: 42mph

As a result, this meagre ‘snapshot’ demonstrates that an extra 12mph on our road is the norm.

What is the biggest concern that came out?

On Binstead Hill a persistent high speed was recorded on, or approaching the Pedestrian Crossing. This is of major importance because by the rules of breaking distances, it would have been impossible ( or at least hazardous ), for some vehicles to break safely if someone stepped out onto the road. Either from the Post Office or the Recreation Park. This is only second to the highs speeds down by The Fleming Arms, the 1st Binstead, 1st Ryde Scout Hut entrance and up to Brookfield gardens. From the Roadwise Website and various professionals, the stats are sobering.

According to Roadswise, if you hit a pedestrian:

  • at 40 mph there is a 90 percent chance they will be killed.
  • at 35 mph there is a 50 percent chance they will be killed.
  • at 30 mph there is a 20 percent chance they will be killed.
  • at 20 mph there is a 2.5 percent chance they will be killed.

So with the current average from my short and rain drenched data gathering exercise. At 42mph the stats are stacked against you. Again I want to reiterate, my mission is not to chastise or identify individuals abusing the speed limit in Binstead. It is to establish whether the concerns are justified from local residents and if they are ( they are ), what can be done to mitigate risk and prevent injury.

Fear not there are simple solutions without getting heavy

Some call for a blanket speed limit, speed cameras, radar traps, speed humps, vehicle mines and lots of fist waiving. The solution is relatively simple and I shall cover that in great detail in part two of this post. Not everyone has a heavy right foot. I was only on Binstead Hill for 10 – 20 minutes at a time. As part of my daily exercise or whilst out pushing a pram. It’s not a professional survey or assessment in any shape or form. However, when you run for Election you have to be prepared to go that extra mile. Is it an issue? Go and find out, then sort a solution. We cover that in the next post.

Speeding Analysis for Binstead Hill

Equipment used: Pocket Radar PR1000, as used by Community Speed Watch in Dorset and the City of Bath

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Frequency of Use

Four days and two nights during the month of February

Speeds Recorded

32ph upto 70mph and specifically at the Pedestrian Crossing, all over the 30mph limit. A high number of the higher speeds were at night, some in the wet.

Roadwise Website: