The fuse has been lit…

Head Bomb - Defusing Self Destruction

Life is hard enough without the additional stresses that Covid has brought us and in September last year, I floated the idea of a Wellbeing podcast. The feedback was really positive and so its coming to fruition. Its a new Podcast designed to help with Wellness and Mental Health, cobbled together by my good self.

The Aim is to pull together as many elements as possible that are needed for a happy mindset. Initially the idea was just to focus on ex forces and folk like that but it soon became apparent it would end up sounding like an episode of ‘Derek and Clive’ with not really much being achieved. So after a good bit of brainstorming, some emailing and calling I think I’ve found the happy medium.

Still with some swearing though…

There has to be takeaways from every episode and you get that. We cover, with professionals I might add. Fitness and Nutrition, Anxiety prevention and removal. Breathing exercises and what our guests bring to the show.

Guests include:

Former SAS soldier, Mark Billy Billingham. DJs Brandon Block and Rob Da Bank, both who focus on positive mindsets and meditation. Island Athletic legend Kimberly Murray, author Mark Llewellan and a number of others. It’s a mixed bag with many a story to tell and positive message to share.

Along with those fine people, there is Mike and Chris, former soldiers and myself injecting some good humour into some of the ‘grey’ times we had and how its dealt with at a military level. If you want to get fitter, there’s that. If you want so nutritional advice, you’ve got it. Seeking a professional answer to dealing with anxiety? This is the show for you.

We aren’t bothered about likes and follows on social media, we want you to listen and take onboard what is being shared aurally. To get the show piped to your ears as soon as it’s launched, you’ll be able to find it on iTunes, Spotify and then simply subscribe. When it comes out, you’ll get it sent to your listening device immediately.

There is a reason its called Head Bomb but you’ll have to listen to find out why!! It’s coming soon.