Diving with Seals off Lundy Island

Diving with seals has been described as “swimming with underwater puppies” by someone on the dive boat. Only it wasn’t just a dive boat, it catered for the bird watchers that frequent Lundy Island. Here we were all dressed up and ready to rock with the seals.

A trip out to Lundy Island in itself is worth a looksie. If you like your Puffins and general outdoor adventure, you are in for a treat. For those that are staying on the Island, be warned it only has one pub. Still that was not our Modus Operandi for the day and a longish day it was. Leaving Ilfracombe on the diving day boat, we were off.

Conditions couldn’t have been better and it was a flat calm and smooth crossing. The Seals were ready and waiting for us. Also the big man upstairs must have loved us, as the sun was out throughout. The crossing took around an hour or so and soon we were on site. I’ll let the video reflect the fun we had. Highly recommended and its a relaxed, easy very pleasurable dive. At one with natures aquatic nutters. Lovely.