Diving the incredible Zenobia wreck in Cyrpus

Illustrious and compelling, the Zenobia is located approximately 1 mile directly offshore from Larnaca bay, at 42 metres to the seabed.  It’s a belter of wreck and definitely in the top 10 must do dives.

A swedish Ro-Ro ferry she sank in July 1980. Luckily no one died and for that reason, feel free to put your paws all over it! Its a nice drop down the shot line ( from the boat ) to around 16 meters depth onto the starboard side of the ship. Therefore ideal for newly qualified divers.

You can merrily potter up and down the side should you wish to. We ventured around the massive prop and then across the car deck, spying some trucks and motors as we went. Penetrating into the restaurant is very worthwhile and make sure you shine your torch directly onto the carpet. Its hardly been used and is unbelievably well preserved. A tad wet though.

Although all hands were safely taken off the ship before she sank, the lives of a few scuba divers, who didn’t treat the wreck with the proper level of caution; have been lost in the intervening years. Don’t be a full on tit and go penetrating where it isn’t safe too. Death awaits deep inside and it isn’t worth it.

As for the video? Well compared to what we are getting now, its total arse. The footage was shot on a ropey and battered Canon A80. Unfortunately that camera only shot in bursts of 30 seconds at 15 frames per second. Even with a nice bit of tinkering in Sony Vegas, I can’t get it any better. White balance is very hit and miss but it gives you the gist of what you can see.

As we only had one dive on it, we wanted to relish the experience ( as we still do ) and didn’t dedicate time to the filming. Dan is the one in front of the camera and the white balance was achieved off his tank!

Get an easyjet flight, go and dive it and then dive it again and again. We want to go back as its superb.