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Who’s the Daddy?

Well if you’re here, its probably you as well as me. Here’s the thing, I have learnt so much over the last twenty four months that I thought I would share my thoughts, inane as they maybe, with you the good internet absorber. You may not agree, you may think they are cobblers but with the Daddy Dore Blog, the Facebook page we can all share our experiences, thus producing more informed Dads. Well thats the theory at least.

What you may come away with though is a nugget of information, a wry smile or a moment where you say, “damn, that happened to me”. We are all in this Fatherhood game together and its strength in numbers. Have a mooch around, comment if you fancy it but enjoy and share the love.

What is Fatherhood all about?

In at the deep end and a Father at 46 years old. If there was an experience that produced instantaneous bowel movements with no warning or hesitation, I have yet to experience it. Suddenly you are faced with a living, breathing entity that by some miracle, you have some small input in creating. The mind boggles, the stomach churns but amazingly, it feels natural. There is a new membership card in your wallet, the club of Dads.

Becoming a Dad

A sharing of information has proved to be a God send for me and a positive boon. However, not all info is good in fact, some is positively bad. Here on the Daddy Dore section of the site I’ll be fessing up what I think is hot or not in the world of parenting and becoming a Dad. Mainly through personal experience and of what is left that hasn’t been set fire to. The journey on the blog started in August of 2018 when we were exactly 1 year down the line.

If I haven’t learnt anything worth sharing, I really am a full on berk. I have kit recommendations, essential things to do but probably most importantly, where not to worry. Its a fantastic journey and you may have already been on it. If you haven’t you are welcome to join me on the most marvelous of rides.

Daddy Dore Blog

Although becoming a Father turns your world upside down, its 100% awesome….