First time Father and Full time idiot. Plunged into the depths and drama of Fatherhood at 46 years of age. I had joined the club of Dads. The Daddy Dore elements of this website convey my thoughts and experiences.

Your Babies first Poo – Enter the Shitesabre

Changing a nappy after babies first poo? This is another blind spot for the bloke with no brain. I was in trouble again.

The Hospital Hotel – Recovery after giving Birth

I’ve been in the recovery area for fifteen minutes and Deb has just been wheeled in. We pick up the story as we recovery from giving birth

Death at Dore Towers – How to preserve history

Sooner or later we had to cover this. With life comes death and its almost exactly five years since my Father popped off.

A Husbands view of a C Section – Part 1

Want to know what it’s like to witness a C Section from the Husbands perspective? Don your scrubs and take a seat, its about to get messy.

This is the scaredest I have ever been in my life…

A year ago, this happened. Through those doors the happy delights of life, or the grim reality of death?

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