Let it snow let is snow let it snow

So a few weeks in now to the breakfast show and February 2007 saw Bath covered with fluffy adorable snow. Obviously we thought it a good idea to the take the Breakfast show team to the highest point we could and get the sledges out.

The snow tipped tops above Weston looked like the best chance of downhill action so Marnie, Matt and I loaded up and headed up yonder hills. It just happened to be in the glorious surroundings of Beckfords Tower.

Suffice it to say our off Piste adventures were nothings short of sh*te as there were more clumps of grass and mud than anything else. That however didn’t stop Eddie the Eagle and it wasn’t stopping us. Out came the Bath FM sign and the arseing around commenced.¬†We got some obligatory ‘landmark’ photos and wet botties to boot but that wasn’t the best of it. Oh no.

The grounds of Beckfords Tower are worth the trip and on this day, lightly caked in snow it really topped it off. However the gem is the view across Bath itself. I have deliberately left those pictures off the gallery ( and one with bare flesh on display ) as you should go and take in the view yourself. Not the one of my ricker. Avoid that…