Incredibly I won the Election…

  • Would be amazing in Binstead

Improvements for Binstead

April 28th, 2021|Comments Off on Improvements for Binstead

In the early stages of the campaign, I chose to listen instead of lecture. I steered clear of making promises, favouring resident feedback and conversation. Here are some ideas.

  • isle vote 21 for Binstead and Fishbourne

Ian on Isle Vote 21s Candidate Debate

April 21st, 2021|Comments Off on Ian on Isle Vote 21s Candidate Debate

Isle Vote 21 have been running a bunch of candidate interviews across the Isle of Wight. Now it was my time for Binstead and Fishbourne.

Speeding on Fishbourne Lane

April 21st, 2021|Comments Off on Speeding on Fishbourne Lane

Speeding on Fishbourne Lane. Binstead Hill is not alone and the Residents of Fishbourne Lane are correct

  • ian dore for binstead and fishbourne

Political Players Supporting Ian Dore

April 20th, 2021|Comments Off on Political Players Supporting Ian Dore

For Binstead and Fishbourne, these Political Movers and Shakers think I'm the best candidate for the Ward. Here you see their support.

  • Ian Dore for Binstead and Fishbourne - Addressing Speeding in Binstead

Addressing Speeding in Binstead

April 14th, 2021|Comments Off on Addressing Speeding in Binstead

The average speed on Binstead Hill is currently 42mph. If hit by a car, you have a 90% chance of being killed. Observations from Binstead Residents are spot on. Action needs taking.

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