Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore

Soldier – DJ – Radio Presenter – Sleep deprived Father
Host of the Ian Dore Presents Radio Show and Podcast
Creator of Radio Station: Youth Radio Rocks

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Ian Dore also known as ‘Knocka’. Its an Army nickname that stuck. I’m a proud Father, aching Soldier, retiring DJing and Radio Presenter. I now help youngsters get ahead in life with Youth Radio Rocks, a Radio Station promoting positivity. You’ll also find me every year at Park of the Dead.

A Soldier for ten years, then fell into commercial radio as a Dance DJ. Something I’d been doing for years. Things got hot and I found myself at Isle of Wight Radio, Power FM, Sovereign Radio and Bath FM, it was a blast. I’m also a proud Dad and have put together the Daddy Dore Blog. I host events, present radio shows, teach DJing and Radio, all whilst changing nappies. Happy Days.

Over the years I’ve got a bunch of interviews, photos and video from all the stuff I’ve been involved with. Along with the Daddy Dore Blog, this is a dumping ground for it all. There are galleries, blog posts and irreverent bits all here on the site, so knock yourself out with looking around. If you have any event that you need a host for, you could do alot worse. But only just. If you want to say hello, get in contact as its good to talk.

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The Ian Dore Presents Radio Show and Podcast

Celebrity chat, awesome interviews and archive audio from past Radio Shows. Its an out pouring or aural goodness spanning 20 years on air. Some is actually quite good.

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