Nick Clegg sets sights on Number 10

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Laugh? I nearly filled my ballot box. Watching ‘BBC Points West’ yesterday evening and the legend that is David Garmston pulled a blinder with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Clegg, who for many seems to be just ‘getting in the way’ had been featured on the National News 15 minutes earlier visiting a factory.

The workers were asked whether they knew who he was. All drew a blank. This was just after he was filmed with the Beebs Nick Robinson ( legend ) in front a big billboard and journos. Not one voter to be seen!

Back to Bristol and the Millennium square was the location for The Garmston to chat to Clegg. It was the standard Clegg waffle, looking as if he was making it up on the spot and not adding much to proceedings. Nothing new there but then big Dave hit him with it:

DG “So do you see yourself in number 10?”

NC “yes absolutely”

DG ( blurting ) “ what really….???”

NC ( flustered ) “…yes..”

David Garmstone

And with that, The Garmston had earnt himself a chapter in the book of journalistic legend. In one foul scoop, he had taken the piss good and proper. Short of calling Mr Clegg a time wasting buffoon that doesn’t stand a chance, this simple one liner had whipped Cleggy in the lovespuds with a wet towel. It was beautiful and was to be savoured.

To add insult to injury some BBC wag thought it would be funny to ‘poll’ the punters in Millennium square in the same way it had been done in the factory minutes before. A young chap with a pink polo shirt and shades on was asked if he had recognised him ( Nick Clegg ).

“Nope, no idea mate”

Off camera someone mutters, “Its Nick Clegg”. There is then a long pause…” the liberal democrat leader”.

The lad just looks up and offers up a “oh right.”

With reactions like that the only number 10 he’ll be getting is the night bus home.

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