Super duper client support

Excellent client support is paramount and takes priority at Ian Dore Creative. With past hosts and designers I’ve been on the end of shocking support myself and it’s not a great experience. Hanging on the phone, minute after minute, press 1 for this, 3 for that, 5 for a packet of crisps; only to get disconnected by some chap on the other side of world that you can’t understand! Its sub standard and unacceptable. When you need support you talk direct to me. For a client that has a site designed and hosted by Ian Dore Creative, there are a myriad of methods to receive support. I’ve made it as simple as possible:

Via direct email or your content management system

Every client gets direct access to the dedicated support system and priority handling. Either through direct email or via the content management system.

Via the good old telephone

Clients are given an exclusive ‘client only’ contact number and for want of a better expression, its their hotline to me. No call centres, no holds, straight to source.


Ian Dore Creative client support


Whichever way you choose to ask for support, I aim to have a response for you in under 2 hours. If not quicker. Its all UK based and your website is of the highest importance to me. Phone hours are from 9am to 1800hrs to cater for people outside of their full time roles. The email support system is 24 / 7. Superb support is right not a privilege.