A new entry for the Love Bath Film Comp 2011

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Ah yes the ‘Love Bath Film Competition’ is on us once again so we thought we’d dust off the box brownie and get filming. Unfortunately what we did shoot proved to be far too long for the time allocated. This left us with a full hard drive and a dilemma. Re-think and Re-shoot? Or edit to death and crack on?

This year we have gone for a follow up to the smash hit ( that wasn’t ) called ‘May the Best Man win’. Sadly it didn’t win but we had great fun doing it. So following on we have cuffed together a new 2 parter called ‘Chasing Oscar’.

The deadline for entries was today and in the spirit of the competition, we won’t publish it on the web until we find out if we’ve been short listed or not. If we haven’t, as soon as we hear, we’ll┬árelease┬áthe movie. As I say, its a two part affair and this is merely a taster of things to come. Depending on your tastes, you may find if very funny or indeed very sad. If not depraved…

As a parting shot to familiarise yourself with the characters in question, here is last years entry that got a mention in the Bath Chronicle and indeed got shown at the Little Theatre. Things get a tad darker from heroin in….

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