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Soldier - DJ - Radio Presenter - Sleep deprived Father


Radio Presenter - Ian Knocka Dore

Soldier, DJ, Radio Presenter, Idiot and now Father. Welcome to the hastily knocked together website of Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore. A legend in his own lunchtime and revered by absolutely no one. Why bother with these pages at all? Good question. Over the 47 years on planet earth, he’s been around a bit. Various DJ gigs across the globe, fiddled the faders in a nice number of Radio Stations. Polished his best boots ( no favourites ) whilst in the Army. So this is a frankly about unloading some wry observations, dishing up some pictures and generally a place to let rip. Feel free to comment on the blog, share the clubbing photos and use it to your advantage. Enjoy.

Daddy Dore Blog

Daddy Dore

In at the deep end and a Father at 46 years old. If there was an experience that produced instantaneous bowel movements with no warning or hesitation, I have yet to experience it. Suddenly you are faced with a living, breathing entity that by some miracle, you have some small input in creating. The mind boggles, the stomach churns but amazingly, it feels natural. There is a new membership card in your wallet, the club of Dads.

DJ and Radio Presenter

A professional DJ since 1997, Ian has enjoyed life behind the mic now for nigh on 20 years. Isle of Wight Radio, Power FM, Sovereign Radio, Bath FM and Bath City Sound. He’s done the lot. Got the odd T shirt to prove it too. Creator of collosal club nights Dynamite and Casualty on the Isle of Wight. His spinning antics have taken him far and wide with some of the biggest and smallest names on the circuit.

Brain Drizzle Blog

Although becoming a Father turns your world upside down, its 100% awesome….